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I rebadged my 94 Deville a few weeks ago and it got me thinking about cars that have white paint. You see them everywhere. And they always look... kinda clean. But you wonder how it could actually look if it was washed and waxed. Don’t get me wrong. I wash my car once a week and it’s just been a crappy week with rain and thunderstorms. I haven’t had the chance.

It’s unreal what white paint hides for you. For your benefit by the way. A dark colored car will show so much road grime and garbage in a couple days and the white paint has your back “gotcha bro, keep on going.”

The dream for me is to have a black Cadillac with black interior and glowing chrome wheels. But I just haven’t found it yet. Look through my cars and they have all been relatively light colored aside from my Catera and my Fleetwood. I never really worried about washing them that much. They always looked okay. But if you want to take a stand on light colored cars then detail them until your fingers bleed. They will simply glow.

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  • It’s 79 feet long so give me a few minutes and ill upload another picture 😂😂

      1 year ago
  • Oh boy now you will have to do the rest of the car....

      1 year ago