I'm guessing most of us have already read the Sherlock Holmes stories. An intelligent detective and his trusted... Oh, what's the use, you must be quite familiar with the plot.

The images created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle are exquisite. The mysterious London fog and the lingering silence of a quiet night are always desecrated by three nervous knocks on Sherlock's wooden door. Dr Watson raises his eyes from the book upon hearing the profane sound while the detective acts impenetrable, tenuously blowing cherry smoke from his pipe.

The tale unfolds and the men already know what's coming next. The middle of the night has long passed, but the troubled lady, along with her newly acquired confidants, steps into the dark carriage and waits for the adventure to begin.

The nineteenth century was a glorious time. Men discovered carriages, dark suits and moustaches. And these were fine then, but unfortunately humanity has now changed. We tend to prefer cars, T-shirts and beards - not all of us, but you get the gist.

The nostalgic walk through different times ends with an interesting and eclectic car - the Mercedes-AMG GT R. The vehicle is beautiful, intelligent, extremely fast and fashionably expensive. The beast has also demolished the Lexus LFA Nürburgring and the Ferrari 488 GTB. Furthermore, it's properly agile, thanks to its brilliant steering. This is a car which can make the engineers blush and giggle.

But the GT R carries a peculiar resemblance to the transportation means used by Sherlock Holmes and his Victorian contemporaries and its long bonnet does not help on the score. However, the color, an updated version of the original paint used on the Mustang Bullitt, might distract some from one of the car's few faults.

Photo Credits: www.autoweek.com, www.dnaindia.com and www.mercedes-benz.com.

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  • Love this!

      4 years ago
  • Beards are not an improvement over moustaches, I have to say.

      4 years ago