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      4y ago


      So there I was down the Black Lion for Sunday lunch with some mates, and no sooner had I sat down than this woman I'd never met ran in and gave me a Lego London bus.

      This sort of thing has never happened to me before. I've been bought drinks, and when I was 18 someone came into a pub and threw a bottle that hit me in the face. But I never imagined I'd leave with a constructive and educational children's toy invented in 1958 and remarkable in that every piece ever made has been compatible with every other one.

      You're well in there fat man.

      You're well in there fat man.

      I wonder why she gave me a Lego bus? There was some suggestion that she worked for Lego, but in that case it's her job to sell the stuff, not give it away to random blokes in pubs. Maybe there's a movement I don't know about that commits random acts of Lego kindness to foster peace and tolerance in the community in your area, or something.

      Everybody in the world loves Lego, even people who tread on it. I think the United Nations should just give boxes of Lego to warring factions, then they'd forget about everything else and try to make a spaceship instead.

      Did you know that Lego is the world's biggest tyre manufacturer? Stands to reason.

      Did you know that Lego is the world's biggest tyre manufacturer? Stands to reason.

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      • Wonder what other things you could make with just those pieces. 🚗🏎🚒

          3 years ago
      • I think we also should have cars that are like Legos ..... then it will be easy when we've blown an engine or tires .... we can remove it in a jippy and put one on in less than a minute

          3 years ago
      • i love it

          3 years ago
      • Hi, James. Have you ever tried to make a real size vehicle with Lego?

          3 years ago
      • Love Lego and I want that set NOW (Open Amazon.com)

          3 years ago


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