Phazed and Confused...

6w ago

A couple weekends ago, my friends and I had a little get together. We had food, a fire, a good amount of snowmobiles, and did a little ice fishing. It was a great time and hung out with great people. Sunday was a different story.. I went out on the ice where we were riding all on Saturday and did a couple laps around with my girlfriend on the sled with me. She has never been on a snowmobile before as they don't have any in England. As we were coming back, probably doing about 30-40mph. We broke through a soft spot on the ice that must have gotten worn away from all that riding and the sun beating down on it, I’m sure did not help me out. We broke through the ice and the track and seat sunk. I threw my girlfriend up onto the ice, as she was panicking and then I got out. The nose was still up on the ice but not for long. As my friends and I tried to get it back up on the ice. We hooked a strap around the skiis and tried pulling. The nose broke through the ice and she sank in about 4 feet of water. We pulled with all our might and finally got it onto the ice and dragged it back to my place where I then loaded it up into my truck. The whole ordeal took about an hour and a half and I was starting to feel the effects of hypothermia so I had to warm up and change clothes first. Then I brought it to my shop to access the damage that was done. Will it survive? Or is it doomed? Watch and find out.

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