I think I've found the CV

Stealing headline spots across the international auto media board, I noticed something suspicious about Kia's new brand manifesto video.

I expect you are now properly bored of me finding ways to discuss unreleased Kia's in rant-resembling articles. So naturally I am writing another. BUT! Actual interesting news today, as I for the first time have found footage exposing Kia's new and unreleased car undisguised! Today I expose my findings from a little bit of desk research, and some info I got from Ferdi about something the south koreans have in the works at the moment.

We start with a video, and you don't have to watch it because it won't really make a big difference, but it will act as a reference source to my finding. Look out for a shot at the end of an upcoming car if you do give this a quick minute.

Now if you have watched the video you'll see at 00:54 we see a mysterious and unlabelled SUV gliding down an empty forest road in a tranquil scene of what Kia wants us to think is 'plain inspiration'. Anyway, as much as my initial and completely expected jump-to-conclusions method of drawing up thoughts and ideas, I thought I was looking at Gen.5 Sportage in all of its exposed glory. But then I consulted the comments (all 4 or 5 of Kia's loyal fans gathered in one place) where I read a bit of korean. Then I remembered I don't know any korean so I decided to look at the english bits instead. Then I read 'CV', and it all made sense. The sneaky southern buggers are drip feeding us info and pictures like they've never done before! And it's getting to me, I am really looking forward to seeing what creative license has been put to use for the so-called CV as mentioned.

For those of you so far unaware, I am not talking about CV as in curriculum vitae, I mean Kia's new EV-SUV called the CV. Very poor naming altogether I must say. I now pray that this will be the only CV related disappointment. And it could be by the sounds of the hype. And yes there's hype I swear. Someone somewhere has gotta be excited. Anyway I don't know if I wrote about it before, but so far all we've seen of this new endeavour is spy shots. These ones:

And remember the god-awful computer mouse looking concepts and renders I showed that it could resemble. Well thankfully they've been ended by this sneak peek Kia showed in their brand manifesto. We only see the CV for a brief moment, but here's what we can now put to the name:

Kia CV driving on.....well....a road. Idrk what else I can say tbh. Does anyone even notice these comments lmao.

Kia CV driving on.....well....a road. Idrk what else I can say tbh. Does anyone even notice these comments lmao.


There's really not that much exposed now that I'm looking at what I'm reporting on here. But I mean judging from it that's gonna be one striking car. Looks modernnnnnnn if nothing else. Now I'm hoping this is going to act as a big-time flagship EV for the brand. But anyway that's our first real look at the CV, so hopefully you like what.....little, you see.

Thanksssssssssssssssssssssssssssss you for reading.


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