I thought about what to write for a long time, and then I understood, I must write about what my fifth point leads to infernal ignition!
Serious statement. I think so, the company Toyota, just took and put a big fat bolt on their fans and gave the name Supra to the Bavarians. And this is the most shameful and terrible thing that could happen with SUPRA! Interestingly, the whole YouTube is replete with reviews from the exhibition of various bloggers and journalists, who defended themselves at the mouth, that this is the very SUPRA, “that one only in new design, rethought along with BMW”. But this is complete nonsense, for me this is z4 for the “poor”, if I may say so. This is a very good deal for BMW, not for Toyota. Now I will try to explain!
I must say at once, I am to what extent a dinosaur, and I believe that the collaboration should extend to new models and create something new and perfect product that is not yet on the market and whose main task is to tear the market apart. But when a collaboration involves “common names,” such as SUPRA or something like that, the bottom line is frustration and loss of fans and the production of an ordinary product.
There have always been opposing camps:
1. German
2. Japanese
3. American
And always these camps proved to each other that their cars are better than others. And each had their own advantages. The Germans are technologies, the Japanese are the ability for unlimited tuning, the Americans are simplicity in everything, the volumetric engine and power. Well, this is quite short.
Supra should have been developed only by Toyota and no one else. They already had a not very successful experience with Subaru and then won Subaru, but at least in our market. But it was a completely different story, this is the creation of a new model, an attempt to create a new car using joint technologies.
Now many will start, and what's wrong with the German truck, the full range of German engines, nothing. Let's look on the other hand, in some kind of BMW M we push the engine from the Renault Megan RS and the suspension from it called bmw m1 2019 model year. What do you sing then?
I'm not against megan rs. I want to say that these names (bmw M, Megan RS, AMG, Focus ST, etc. are legends), each is good in something of its own. Supra too!
The price tags on z4 and Supra are very close by modern standards. Now the question is, why is Supra needed? Who is she for fans? Not!!! And what is the Supra 2019 now?
And the cherry on the cake, when you buy a Supra, you will receive a nameplate with a Vin number on which it will be written (MFD BY BAYERISCHE MOTOREN WERKE AG).
Understand correctly, I have no complaints about the car. This is a great weight-on, rear-wheel drive, six-cylinder car that rides awesome. My main complaint is that now this is not Supra, but something completely different. And those who designed it put a big bolt on the icon and spoiled into the soul of people like me who believe in values ​​and justice.
My opinion is NEW SUPRA is a failure of the year that should not be taken, by the fact that there is z4. And there everything matches the nameplate and the design and the name and sensations and expectations. And from Supra only the name remains and nothing else.
Very sad and bitter, because I was really waiting for the icon to return to the market!