- "Where is it? ... oh, at home."

"I thought I had packed that ..."

... a commonly uttered phrase as I realized that I hadn't considered taking another vital good with me. But what can be done?

3y ago

When you go on a road trip, there is always a moment filled with utter joy when you have arrived. You managed to dodge obstacles and keep your head held high against all odds! Such life-changing moments need to be captured for eternity and the history books.. At least this was what I decided when I had reached my destination and fiddled around to find my phone.

Just that at that moment I realized that my phone's screen had gone completely black. "oh?" I tapped it, tried to start it only for it to live long enough to tell me that the battery had died. Then it returned to its eternal slumber.

This did not matter, because when the Titanic sank the smart-phone hadn't been invented yet and we have picture of it nevertheless. This is because people sketched the boat while it sunk. If that was good enough back then, it would be good enough now. And it was ... in a way.

The finest sketch for the history book

The finest sketch for the history book

I put this event down as a freak incident and not bad planning. Instead, I was convinced that I was perfectly prepared. At least until I stepped out of the shower and dried my hair. Or at least I tired to.

I dug through my bag "where was it?!" I found toothpaste, toothbrush, creme, and my jogging shoes and yet the ever so lucrative hair-brush was nowhere in sight. At this point I became convinced that it was happily sitting at home.

"Oh no," I muttered as I realized that I had made an error ...

In the end I had to resort to admitting that I may have made a tiny mistake and if maybe I could borrow Barb's hair-brush. Hoping and praying that she even owned one since she has far shorter hair. Luckily, she had taken a fine piece along the journey.



I thought that all my problems were solved now, at least until I discovered that the weather in the alps is properly weird. One time I was caught out by the sheer force of the sun. It seemed quite determined to melt my head. While the next time I was caught out by the sheer lack of the sun, not having packed enough warm clothes.

That's the thing about taking a road trip. You have to pack for the unexpected! It is vital. Barb's car was not only filled with crisps and various snacks, she also had blankets with her and enough jackets to warm a whole village. If the world had ended there and then, she would have been totally fine with it.

Meanwhile, what did I have to ensure our survival? Well, I had a pocket-knife because ever girl should have one, and an ice-scraper. Not anything that would really come in handy any time soon. After all it was summer ...

Or at least I thought so, until the last day:

My genius emerges at weird times

My genius emerges at weird times

This was the moment when my genius packing scheme finally emerged in its full glory. I may not have packed jackets, hair-brushes or more fluffy socks but I had something for this occasion!

Barb was desperate to get rid of the snow using the hotel's bill, while I used the goods inside my car: the aforementioned ice-scraper and tiny broom. To garantiere Barb's survival the same way she guarantee mine the days before, I borrowed them to her as well.

There are two schools of packing when it comes to road trips. One is to pack light and hope for the best. After all if you forget something, there is often a shop nearby! The other is to pack everything you own. This way you're prepared for almost anything coming your way.

However, this is a road trip, and hence something unexpected is always going happen. So does it really matter?

Or another novel idea: I should start to write lists when packing and trust the weather report while keeping in mind that mountains have properly weird weather.

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Comments (15)

  • Ha ha, brilliant! I normally prefer to pack light, so I can go on holidays while only carrying a single strolley. I pack light and practical, if I forget my comb I can just use my hands xD. Your genius is amazing, I will remember these things because I'm most likely going on a road trip with my best friend during the summer. Unfortunately he is selling his car next month, so we'll both be taking my car.

      3 years ago
    • Thank you! I tend to pack light as well and usually it works out as well.... Usually πŸ˜’

      And good luck on the road trip and hopefully packing all things needed, and not killing each other while sharing a car for such a long time...

        3 years ago
    • That's why we always take two cars ;) . More driving fun, less passengers with backseat driver's license and more room for snacks ;)

        3 years ago
  • Now that my embarrassing, 10 year old, 1 Euro hairbrush is all over the internet ;) thank you for the ice-scraper ;) ! I usually pack light but not for road trips. My dad and I have been on so many road trips in the last decades and I am afraid I learned packing for road trips from him (apart from the snacks...he still doesn't see the necessity of snacks). He never left home without at least three boxes of emergency equipment ranging from toilet paper to cat food to an axe. The only thing we have used the far was the cat food once, when we found a tiny kitten in the dumpster behind a motel in Nevada, but that is a diffrent road trip story ;)...

      3 years ago
    • See ... I had to learn it the hard way, being wrapped inside your other jacket!

        3 years ago