i took the alfa for a spin

it was summer yesterday

4y ago

If you could look out of the window now (you can't because it's wintertime and therefore completely dark two hours after you wake up in the morning) you would see that a white blanket once again has covered everything everywhere. The city of Stockholm has became like the inside of a freezer and the repair shops around town will be very busy next week fixing up all the cars spinning out of control today. Yesterday was different. When I woke up the sun was shining and the skies were blue, just like I remembered them from summer. Like a child I gazelled my tiny feets onto the balcony to see if this was really true or just a dream. It was true and therefore it was decided - the Alfa would come out of its short beauty sleep. I went through the closet to find my leather jacket, dusted off my sunshades and tried to remember how to be cool. I jumped into the car, turned the key, cranked up my awesome 80s playlist on the stereo and set off. The Busso made the right noises, the stereo made the right noises and life was great. I stopped nearby to snap the photos you see here, to show everyone that summer was back, and then I set off into the distance. But the clear blue sky had suddenly turned to black, and five seconds later the rain came. My plan of taking a nice drive in the car, give it a proper wash and then put it back in the garage cleaner then before was no more. And today it snowed. Sorry Alfa, maybe you will have to wait until spring before I can take you out on a date again.

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Comments (2)

  • Thank you! Yes it does and maybe it will sound even better in 2017 =)

      4 years ago
  • Lovely car. Bet it sounds wonderful

      4 years ago