I try out Greyp's G6 electric bike

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Being into cars, I tend to like other fast things. So when I heard about Greyp, a sister company of Rimac, launching their electric mountain bike I got curious. That curiosity was coincidentally heard by the company who invited myself to come down to Croatia for the bike launch!

What is it?

"The Greyp G6 started with an idea not to develop “just” another e-bike, but to take the opportunities that electrification, connectivity, gamification and lots of creativity to bring something unique to the market. Unlike traditional bike manufacturers that are basically combining push-bikes with electrical components, we have developed the bike around an electrical drivetrain, a bunch of sensors and advanced connectivity. " - Mate Rimac

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The Greyp G6 has some fantastic features the market has not seen before. The battery powerbank is the beating heart of the bike and is very impressive. My first thoughts were that the battery assistance the G6 would provide would just propel me with virtually no effort on my part. This is not the case. This is no motorbike replacement, it is a proper hands-on mountain-biking piece of kit.

What the G6 power assistance does so well is that it gives you enough of a boost to aid your own efforts so that you still feel proud to have reached the top of the mountain you’re trying to ascend. You can set the assistance from a 1 to 5 rating with the simple click of a button.

Even more impressive for those exercise aficionados out there, the Greyp G6 can monitor your heart rate and you can set the assistance to keep your heart rate between set limits. This didn’t stop me having mine set to 5 the entire journey…

The other feature that will set this bike apart from its rivals is the social media connectivity. With front and rear cameras and a handy app, you can do anything and everything from stream live video of your ride to have a virtual race with a friend on the other side of the world.

The final feature I will quickly mention may sound a bit boring, but it is technology which could be huge in the future. The killswitch tech in the bike could really tackle a large problem in city areas of bike theft.

You have the ability to take a photo of the face of whoever is trying to steal your bike, send them a message that is read aloud such as “please don’t steal my bike nice man,” and lock the bike so it can’t be ridden away. If this tech can be transferred to other bikes, Greyp and Rimac could have a massive and sellable bit of kit on their hands.

All in all the Greyp G6 is a bike that the hardcore mountain bikers can enjoy and take their riding to the next level, along with being a bike that a novice, like myself, can use and dip my toes into the world of offroad biking. You may have noticed me with jeans during the activities..


Starting at 6,499 euro with the G6.1

The G6.2 costs 6,999 euros

The G6.3 costs 7,499 euros

Where can you buy one

On their website at: www.greyp.com/



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