- As hard as I tried, buying a white tent to match the X250d was an impossibility..

I turned a Mercedes X Class into a 5 star hotel..

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The X Class is Mercedes' newest addition, their first medium sized pickup truck which starts from a reasonable £32,772 (X220d) and finishes around £46,000 (X350d). It's a luxurious German wafting machine which can not only carry over a tonne of payload weight, but fit in around town and has more standard technology than you can shake a stick at. Simply put, it's probably the best pickup truck you can buy at the moment.

No matter the location, the X Class fits in. No matter how muddy the task may be..

My starting point was finding out that Aldi had a tent on sale (for £10) which would theoretically fit in the rear bed of an X Class. It was pop up, fairly durable and not so tiny that I had to get changed outside.

I was then given the choice to either spend £100 on a hotel for a night, or camp out in my £10 tent in the rear bed of the X Class.. the adventurer in me jumped at the opportunity to do the 'not so obvious option'. I secured a safe overnight location, found an ideal spot and camped up.

Not the most common object to have in the rear bed of an X Class for sure..

The set up?

You're probably thinking 'hey, that's not 5 star, you don't have any amenities?!', and you're sort of right.. but sort of wrong. I had fresh water, power, heat, a comfortable blow up mattress, 4G signal, a gas stove & light, more chocolate than Cadburys themselves.. and the willingness to make it through the night and prove that an X Class is a perfect hotel.

Setting up I soon realised the rear bed, while not class leading, gave me plenty of space - however my music equipment ended up in the cab overnight (more out of fear of theft than lack of space). While a slightly ungentlemanly jump up, the access to the tent was with relative ease and you were extremely comfortable in a short time.. aaaand before you know it.. sleep.

With the rear tent assembled, the X Class still didn't look out of place..

The next morning?

Fast forward 7 hours, I awoke to the blissful sound of birds chirping and nature being generally beautiful. While my mattress may have deflated overnight, my back was in better shape than 7 hours of Travelodge's finest. My phone was recharged, so was I. The great outdoors gives you plenty of space to set up, cook, wash-up.. and yet somehow the whole experience felt 5 star.. like glamping (y'know, posh camping..).

Yes, I know in reality the easy option would have been to pay for a hotel - but when the weather is warm and you've got the ability to turn an X Class into a hotel.. why not do it? Mercedes have created a truly comfortable pickup with bundles of extras anyone spending time on the road would appreciate. No matter if you're upper class, middle class or lower class, the X Class is for all class (if you're that way inclined).

Muddy off-road trails in the distance? Not a worry for the X Class..

And to summarise the X Class?

The X250d Power I had, with all options VAT and extra fees, retailed at around £40,000. This is undeniably a lot of money for a pickup truck, however when you realise it's the only truck you'd ever need - it's suddenly a lot cheaper than having a pickup and a car for the weekend.

With the X350d becoming available, those who tow regularly will appreciate the V6 motor, as will those who just like fast pickup trucks. While it's £5-10k more than say an Amarok V6, it's worth the extra in every single way. I've never driven a truck which was as 'car like' before, which returned such frugal fuel economy (40mpg regularly in the X250d) and was so comfortable on long drives.

The X Class is a class leader. If you're not sold on how good it is, try one for yourself (and try the tent test too)!

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  • This seems like Hammond's version of a five star hotel

    2 months ago
  • well.. you might only need one of those for yourself, but if you're in a family, it's quite likely to have 2 cars, than it's quite a lot more, of course, you can also have one car, but is that practical?

    anyways, I love this Merc and I think they've done a great job on the X Class and can't wait to drive it myself!

    2 months ago
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