A few months ago I started a new job as a Interior fitter, although i have worked in the trade/service industry for 9 years now it’s something new to learn. I’m now spending more time than ever in a van...and I love it.

A lot of people don’t like vans and I completely understand that, they are massive, very noisy, really hard to park, unbelievably impractical for everyday use and have a thirst for Diesel. However I love a good van. I would happily live with all the downsides to a van especially as poor fuel consumption and parking difficulties are features on my Vauxhall Vectra!

I would love a VW Transporter t5 or a mk8 ford transit, id use them for work, road trips, camping and many exploring adventures and business ventures.

However their is just one issue. And it’s a biggie.


Commercial insurance is an absolute bitch. Below is a list of a few vans, their price and their insurance and you can see for yourself how ridiculous the insurance is

Peugeot Bipper

Price: £500

Insurance: £3000

Vw Caddy

Price: £2000

Insurance: £3400

Ford Transit

Price: £2200

Insurance: £5300

VW Transporter

Price: £1500

Insurance: £4200

Citroen Dispactch

Price: 1700

Insurance: £4000

LDV Maxus

Price: £2000

Insurance: £5600

Vauxhall Vivaro

Price: £1900

Insurance: £4400

What I will probably have to do is start off with a small van to bring down my commercial insurance then size up to a bigger van as well as try not to have any more crashes ( I may have done a Richard Hammond last year) . But I’m impatient. Very impatient. So until I find a bank vault that can be easily opened I’ll just be sitting looking at vans on Autotrader.

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