3y ago

I was going to hate on this car.

I don't understand the need for it or the type of person to buy it but it is a well-made car that is extermely beautiful. The interior screams luxury. Maybe this car is for the people looking for a car that not many people have.

Still don't know why where it fits.

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  • I have to assume it's made for folks with my mindset: I need a fast luxury sedan but also think the panamera looks disgusting. And have to be an AMG lover cause I'm aware there are panamera alternatives

      3 years ago
    • Isn't that for the c63 and e63 to challenge though?

        3 years ago
    • Realistically no they're always pitted against audis and bimmers, panamera's competition has been that maserati and the 4 door Aston (all their names currently escaping me apologies)

        3 years ago