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I​ was never a Porsche Cabriolet guy, but what about the Targa

The Cabriolet 911 is not the Purists choice, but then there is the Targa

2y ago

The thing is, I do not see myself as a Porsche Purist. Sure, I like my 911 to have a manual transmission and I prefer the iconic heritage colours in my colour choice. I also love the sought-after Purists choice of air-cooled 911s but settled for a water-cooled 997 Carrera. So, there you go, I am definitely not a ‘Porsche Purist’. Well, that is except when it comes to Cabriolets.

In my mind a Porsche 911 should have a hard roof. It should be the coupe. I am not saying that the Cabriolet 911 is not a beautiful design, just that a hard roof above my head is not what I want in a 911. In fact, I would not even opt for a sunroof. For me the Type 991 sliding glass roof just ruins the lines of the 911. Purists will be nodding their heads in agreement with this choice. So why then do I like the 911 Targa?

Sometimes it is about heritage. The 911 Targa nomenclature was to reflect the Targa Florio, Sicily’s famous motor race. The 911 Targa somewhat lost its way in 1990's with the type 996 and 997 Porsche 911. The sliding glass roof mechanism was just not reminiscent of Porsche’s heritage and racing roots. Then came the type 991 911 Targa where Porsche revived the traditional Targa theme and replaced the sliding glass with its iconic roof rollover hoop. Now, this is the open roof Porsche that ticks all the Purists boxes.

T​he G series Targa before Porsche lost its way in the 90's (Image Porsche AG)

T​he G series Targa before Porsche lost its way in the 90's (Image Porsche AG)

In some ways the Porsche 911 Targa is halfway between the 911 coupe and the 911 Cabriolet models. The top section of the Targa’s roof is folded away via a very impressive and elaborate process. Not only that the 911 Targa is rare. Not a limited edition but Porsche’s production numbers are lower for the Targa and because of this it tends to hold its value.

T​he 911 Targa brought back the iconic shiny rollover hoop (Image Porsche AG)

T​he 911 Targa brought back the iconic shiny rollover hoop (Image Porsche AG)

Maybe a Targa in 70’s orange ,red or yellow with an analogue manual transmission and pepita seats is the Purists choice. Then again, I am not a Purist.

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Comments (5)

  • In terms of aesthetics, I never liked the original Targa, I thought it ruined the lines of a beautiful car. And I’ve never liked the 911 convertible. But the recent targas... I just think they’re absolutely stunning. Not sure what it is but they’re somehow more aggressive looking than the hardtop. AND you get the wind in your hair! Win-win

      2 years ago
    • But I’m not an owner, just an admirer from afar. You know, the one in the corner that just steals a look every once in a while, wondering what it would be like...

        2 years ago
  • Sometimes a convertible just throws the lines of a car off. Other times, it throws off the structural rigidity and that has to be compensated for. A targa roof keeps the lines and rigidity, even adds a design element. Then there's security. With the top in place a targa is as secure as a roof.

      2 years ago
  • Targa for sure

      2 years ago
  • Targa or Cabriolet 911?

      2 years ago