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I was wrong about Lewis Hamilton

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Three months ago, I published an article in which I called Lewis Hamilton overrated, but eight Grand Prix and another Hamilton-claimed title later, I realize I was mistaken. I hate his hair, and am not a huge fan of his personality, but I was wrong to criticize his talent, and everyone that agreed with me was wrong just the same.

In the United states, Lewis Hamilton clinched his sixth world title, making him the second most successful F1 driver of all time. And, perhaps most importantly, he did so with his own talent, perfectly managing his pace, and only losing the final round because of a sub-par strategy.

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In the aforementioned article, I also claimed that if you were to put Hamilton in a sub-par seat he would fail to impress, but I've since realized that this is a claim born from ignorance, as the facts were always against this. In the middle stages of Hamilton's career, he faced several inadequate cars, yet managed some degree of success every season.

His race management and tire judgement have set him apart, particularly this season, when he has made a poor strategy work on several occasions, making tires last longer than many of his rivals.

His pace in the wet in the wet is equally impressive, and his ability to perfectly judge where and when to make a move also puts him in a league above the rest.

Hamilton's consistency alone makes him a formidable opponent, then add the attributes listed above, and you have one of the most skilled F1 drivers not only of our time, but of all time.

Lewis Hamilton deserves his sixth title. Credit should not go to the Mercedes W10. And while I'll never be a fan of the brit, I've learned to respect him, because to call him anything short of excellent would simply be ridiculous.

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  • Almost seems as if you were being held hostage while writing this. Are you OK?

    17 days ago
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    • No (is how someone would react if they were being held hostage)

      17 days ago
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    • Well regardless, F1 is overrated anyways

      (Both Duncan and hostage taker shows up at my front door)

      17 days ago
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  • Nice to hear someone admit that they were a Twat.

    17 days ago
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