I went on the internet this week

And made a slightly unexpected discovery about Alfa.

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You remember the Giulietta I bumped into (not literally) the other day? Well, that got me thinking. Alfa are easily one of the most iconic car brands in human human, and probably alien history aswell. This year marked their 110th anniversary, an awesome milestone really. And over the past century (+ten other years), they have been adored as the 'real cars' and the 'special ones' and all of that. And we are all aware of Jezza's famous "You can't be a car enthusiast without owning an Alfa" line.

And yet, with all this in mind, I have kind of been dwelling on how this comes to be? If these Italian cars are so superb, why have Alfa honestly never grabbed my attention for more than a minute at a time, why in my lifetime as a true car freak person thing have I never felt this way, admittedly. To me, my love the brand as a whole is almost non-existent, I usually don't even consider this. So I went on the internet this week, specifically to the Alfa Romeo website, and then I made some interesting discoveries. None of which actually answered the deep and philosophical questions roaming freely in my mind. If those answers are what you are looking for then I'm hopeless, sorry. Go ask Clarkson.

Anyway, I found the website astonishingly cool. I have been so easily introduced to the heritage of this brand. Their legendary sporting history, their design icons from all eras, the infamous 'passion' and 'soul' that once had James May fill a swear jar over. Almost immediately I felt informed seeing the images of shining red race cars and trophies and beautful little roadsters from a time long gone. I saw it all, and that was great. But then something more striking presented itself to me, and Alfa Romeo really started to add up to me then.

'Models' it read (and that means the cars to the weirder of you lot out there before you go getting all excited). And there they were, fabulous, fabulous cars. The GTA gave little away but a striking flow design and some bright lights and sporty bits across the body. Intruiging. The enormous (by comparison) Stelvio may have looked a bit 'chunky' per say, but was an awesome looking thing nonetheless. Then there was the original and pricelessly cool Giulia, the weird Toenail Tonale thing, and lastly the.....wait what. The Giulietta? But.....

Yeah so it turns out they didn't kill it off about five years ago like I thought, which was a great find because I found that car to be quite a little gem of a hatch from what I had read and saw. Alfas nowadays often seem fairly out of reach in many respects, so this was good news for me. Easy passage to owning an Alfa at least once I suppose. But that's not the point, the fact is this was much more exciting to me then the others because look at it, for a hatchback that is one of a kind! I really think that's an exquisite design for its class. And I'm zoning in on this Giulietta because it goes widely unheard of which I don't think is fair because of how cool it comes across to be.

Anyway after this new found Alfa interest and my newly-found hatch discovery, I decided I could share this exciting news with you lot, which brings us here, which brings us to end of the article.....

Sooo blah blah blah thanks for reading and all that jazz:

wow my comedy is wasted on u ppl.

wow my comedy is wasted on u ppl.

See you again soon. Maybe.

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