I went over my head, but I landed on my feet.

The story of my second car, and how things turned on me in the process.

3y ago

When you get a car there is always an excitement in the air, and you start thinking of all the cool things you will do to and with it. As was the case with me when I bought the above 1972 Ford Econoline Van. It needed some work done to it and I thought I's fix it up, make it my own and drive it for many years.

Flash forward to 8 months after buying the car. All I had done was put a new battery in it and gotten it registered (after a neighbor reported it).

So you would think, that's that I sold it lost some money and am moving on right?

Well two of those three are correct but you are reading a professionally incredibly amazing negotiator's article here, so somehow I made a profit. The thing is for a second time I have gone way over my head and it has somehow worked out, but no more, I am becoming a smart car enthusiast not a crazy one.

Stay tuned for more!

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  • Did you put a flatscreen TV in the back or something?

      2 years ago