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  • So happy to meet you there! So wonderful day. Never forgot your kindness!

    I wish you all the best. I need to follow you better next time. I thought when you disappear into the wall, you find yourself in a wonderful room for you with gifts and dishes ... And you while I thought and waiting for you back from the wall walked around the Motor Show ... I missed so much. A lot of interesting things about you ... But this is still the happiest day in my life. So much fun :)

    Will you invite Jeremy and James on the next motor show?

    15 days ago
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    • Wow, you met him?

      15 days ago
      6 Bumps
    • Yes... I even have a rides with him at the airport and at the end of the show to the airport... I will make two big articles. About Richard's day and the second day in Show full of great...

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      15 days ago
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  • Ben Collins

    15 days ago
    15 Bumps


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