I Went To Yankee Candle in Deerfield, MA and Found a Bantam and a Chopped M-B

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Here is the 1937 American Bantam Pickup

It looks beat up but aside from the paint job you can say it is (almost) in original condition. I could tell because it didn't show a fake interior when I saw it and I opened the latch behind the hood to find some dusty wiring coming from the engine.

An amazingly small truck for its time! I'm 5'9' and I was towering over this thing.

Now the reason why I'm making such a big deal about this truck here is because of two things;

1) "American Bantam" as it was called in 1935 was the rebranding of the American Austin Car Company (1930 - 1934). Or in otherwords the Austin Motor Company tried (and sounded like they had some success) rebranding their cars tor the American market.

2) One of the designers from Bantam is accredited for creating the "First Jeep" in 1940. Bantam made about 2675 of them.

I found those two facts out when looking Bantam out just now, here's the link:

Now the second car (or part-car that is) is a cut up 1953 Mercedes-Benz 180B

This "ponton" was turned into a demo desk (what a shame actually), but at least they take good care of it.

Again I had to look this one up specifically too and I'll give you the link as well:

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  • See mate, that's what so cool about going into those old American businesses. Especially specialized stores like that. You may never know what sort of beauty you could stumble upon on. Sure a lot of America may seem off-beat (my English half saying this) but that's what so great about us. (My American half) We do love our cars don't we?

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    • We really do love our cars! Even when we don't know what we're looking at, we develop bonds with them when we work on them.

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