I wish i had a car!

It is not by choice that I don't drive a car, if I could own a car I DEFINITELY would! Don't judge me!

This may sound strange but the only thing I dream about now is having a car, I am 20 and have a full license. So why not buy one you ask? It is really pointless! I really want a car, but I can’t have one! But me not being abel to have a car has never stopped my from looking at them. walking trough mayfair is a real night mare. ”ohh, there is a Porsche dealer” and I walk up to the window and stare. And when I finally can make myself move I turn my head and there is a Range rover dealer on the other side. And if you turn right and walk town the street there is a BMW dealer. The solution to may problem may be as simple as stopping walking trough Mayfair, but I always find myself there because I like taking photos of the area. And even when I tell myself not to go back because it is a place for unrealistic dreams, I find myself there anyway.

I hate being the typical young adult. But still you will find me on public transport with tote bags going to the shops to do my big grocery shop of the week. And I really hate doing that, I hate being a contribution to the rising number of young adults that doesn’t drive cars. The different between me an ”them” is that I like cars and ”they” couldn't care less. Do i need to where a jacket that say ”I heart cars?” I shouldn't have to but in todays world if you see a young person with a load of shopping on the bus you make the assumption that all of them are doing it to make a point. The point being that we need to reduce the level of pollution or just that they have no interest in cars whatsoever.

Over the last 20 years young people with full driving license has dropped 12%

From 1995-2016 there has been a 12 procreant drop in 17-20 year olds having a driving license in the UK. I am happy to not be a part of that group but I do find myself contributing to the percentage of young adults that doesn’t own a car or prefer using public transport. I know it os not the end of the world if young people doesn’t drive but for people like me that like cars it is really sad. I would love to belong to a club where manufactures could interest young people for their cars.

At the same time the brands could get input about what kind of things a young person want with a ca. And the brands could increase their sales and interact with a new generation of consumers. I know this idea is impossible and really expensive, but it is my dream. To interact with cars even now when I can’t buy one for myself. And finding people with similar interests that I can talk to because I have raised the knowing cars is not common anymore. I even have proof of it, The other day I was in my flat and in the car park was this read and shiny Porsche 911 turbo S and I said to my flat mate ”did you see that nice Porsche outside” the answer I got was ”oh, that is a Porsche? I thought it was a Ferrari”. If this was 10 years ago I would probably have gotten a different reaction, because come on who doesn’t recognize a 911??

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