I would straight up kill myself driving an Aston Martin Vulcan

Its 7.0L V12 sends 820hp to the rear wheels, what could go wrong?

44w ago

When Aston Martin first unleashed the Vulcan unto planet Earth, my initial reaction was "oh great, another track toy for the 1% never to actually see asphalt". Then I watched a clip of one roaring up Lord March's driveway, a cloud of tire smoke right out the gate. The driver smashed through the course with reckless abandon with flames spitting out the side-exit exhaust. The colossal V12's scream could split Heaven in half, even though God Himself must have ordered one of the 24 cars. I was smitten from that point on, especially from Appletree Green paint.

I learned of AutoArt's plans to release this car in 1:18 scale, and I thought it would be the perfect expedition into the world of AA's composite models. I begged and bugged Citizen Patrick to secure one for me, and he delivered, as he always does. I'm blown away by the beauty that is this model. The intricacies of the LED blades of the tail light assemblies must have been painstaking to replicate. The carbon fibre detail of the roof is smooth and glasslike; I can't tell if it's paint or a decal. Did I mention the Appletree Green paint?

This model, however, is about as terrifying to handle and open as driving the real deal must be, I imagine. Everyone gripes about AutoArt's switch to composite material, or ABS plastic, for their body panels have made their models lightweight and fragile. I think this complaint is justified. I was seriously scared to close the hood after peaking into the engine bay, and the shut lines haven't been the same ever since, to be honest.

Only 24 Vulcans were produced. Owners must receive approval from Aston Martin before participating in a track event, but they are nice enough to let the owners take their cars home with them after, unlike some manufacturers we know. One Vulcan has been converted for street use, so far, which required extensive modifications like cutting holes in that sweet, sweet bonnet to accommodate headlights. Regardless, there's 24 cars that I'll never get the chance to own.

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Comments (6)

  • Ack, sorry to hear about your experience with the hood's shut line. The real thing might sacrifice itself to keep its occupants alive; AUTOart isn't operating the autoclave in Aston Martin. Haha!

      10 months ago
    • That’s what I get for playing with it like a toy lol

        10 months ago
  • The Aston Martin Vulcan is my favorite car, I have to have this is 1:18 scale!

      4 months ago
  • This is one of the most gorgeous cars ever designed. Looks like a great model too! Nice shots.

      10 months ago
  • Appletree looks nice, but I'm leaning towards that Black Panther lookalike one. Matte black with lime accents.

      10 months ago