i30N The New King?

47w ago


i30 N has caused a stir in the hot hatch segment since it was announced, after production the new kid on the block took on the late king of hot hatches the Volkswagen Golf GTI in a simple drag race and left the golf in a cloud of glorious pops and bangs. Getting behind the wheel of the i30N is a familiar place to sit if you've been in an i30 recently of course. driving the i30 N is comparable to nothing, you seem to forget that you're driving quite a sophisticated bit of kit, the handling acceleration the sound of that exhaust its all so addictive.

The i30 N comes with 3 trim levels, 6 colour options. listed below will be a more detailed description of performance, trim level and colour option

Colour Options :

Engine Red (Solid)

Polar White (Solid)

Clean Slate (Metallic Blue)

Phantom Black (Mica)

Performance Blue (Solid) This colour can be seen on the press release i30 N

Micron Grey (Metallic)

Trim Options

Base - Material seats, Key Fob

Midrange - Leather/ Suede seats with heating, Proximity key, Heated steering wheel

Lux Pack- Leather/ Suede seats with heating, Proximity key, Heated steering wheel & Full panoramic sunroof as well as standard safety features across all trim levels.

Performance Options :

2.0 T GDI 202 KW with 353 NM Torque

As off now the i30 N is only available with a 6 speed manual transmission. We are expected to see a DCT in the future

i30 N is here and its making waves in the hot hatch segment in terms of price and performance it will not be beat starting at $44,065 its rated as the best sports car for under $50,000 in Australia 2018.

Driving impressions:

Driving the i30N is like driving any other hot hatch its perfect for a daily commute, its a lovely little run about, however when the week is over and you're taking a nice drive on some twisty country roads the i30 N comes into its own. One simple tap of the N button and the car is ready for whatever you throw at it, the suspension and steering stiffens making almost any corner a breeze, automatic Rev matched downshifts are crisp and the sound of the exhaust is one that will make you want to downshift into any corner and power through it. Personal opinion it handles like its on rails. After a spirited drive through the country roads you can easily pop it back into Eco mode and enjoy a nice comfortable scenic drive home.

Hyundai has taken on an extremely hard segment and come out swinging the i30 N is a drivers car its perfect for a weekend thrash and then perfect work a weekday commute .

If you're in the market for a Hot hatch i highly recommend going to test the new Hyundai i30N it will not disappoint.

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