Ian Callum has reworked the original Aston Martin Vanquish and given us a gem

6w ago


Anybody knows Ian Callum? If not, then you better do because he has worked with the likes of Ford, Aston Martin, TWR and has been the Director of Design for Jaguar Cars, which then merged into Jaguar Land Rover in 2013, and held the position till mid 2019. His brother, Moray Callum is Vice President, Design, Ford Motor Company. The man knows how to build cars and he has started his independence in an extraordinarily beautiful way by revisiting the past and reworking his very own design of an iconic car: The original Aston Martin Vanquish.

The Vanquish is regarded as Callum's greatest hits and so Callum recognized this and has shown us what he can do when he is free. It's Callum's visual design which should and will gain all the attention. Callum's Warwickshire-based team have made the car more planted and have blessed it with a solid stance.

The car, named Aston Martin Vanquish 25, has got more than 100 design changes. The most notable changes are the re-profiled front end with a new carbon fibre bumper and high intensity LED head-lights and the new bumper and tail-light therapy, with a bespoke rear diffuser and exhaust box. There are other subtle touches here and there like the one on the exhaust pipes which make it look tranquil but eventfull.

Such a beautiful car has to get some good stopping power for the pedestrians to adore it. So, the brakes have also been given an upgrade, with 398mm and 360mm ceramic discs front and rear and race spec hubs.

The lookers will struggle to look at it when it will be on full chat because thanks to a new carbon fibre induction system and exhaust, the 5.9-litre V12’s power output has been increased from 520 to 580bhp.

The interior has also got some classy touches but has been blessed with some 2019 tech like Apple Car Play. Callum has not only worked on the exterior, the interior has also got some big touches by Callum and leather specialist Bridge of Weir. Bridge of Weir has helped in developing a signature tartan. This car is endowed with bespoke touches and the luggage space created is one of them. Bremont have designed the instrument cluster, and a detachable mechanical pocket watch that sits on top of the centre console.

The Vanquish's GT revoke is emphasised with the dumping of the +2 seating option.

We all have rarely seen a legend revisit its past and try and tinker with it to make perfect. This is solely the reason why this is different from the Singer-style reboots. Ian Callum's perfect Vanquish comes for not the price of millions but for the mere (yes, mere) asking price of £550,000. This is not too much as compared to other tribute bands.



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