Ian Callum is the greatest British Car designer of all time

Born in Scotland, Callum has designed some of the greatest automotive icons

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Ian Callum is one of the most well-known English car designers. He has worked with the likes of Ford, Aston Martin, TWR and was the Director of Design for Jaguar Cars and has designed some of the best cars on the planet.

The cars that he has given birth to means that Ian is the greatest English Car designer. Yup, there I said it. And before you guys mention the name 'Gordon Murray' in the comments, I'd like to point out that Murray is a designer and a pioneering engineer while Callum is a traditional car designer.

Still don't agree with me? Here are some of Ian's finest creations which will make you believe that he is 'the best'.

Ford Escort Cosworth and RS200

The Ford and Cosworth partnership yielded some of the greatest cars and Callum designed two of them. The Escort Cosworth and RS200 were designed by Ian.

The Escort went on to become one of the greatest hot hatchbacks of all time and that whale-tail wing is the most prominent feature of its exterior. The RS200, on the other hand, was a homologation special. Mid-engined, four wheel drive and 250 horsepower meant that the RS200 was one of the most enjoyable Fords.

Aston Martin Vanquish

The Vanquish is one of the most iconic Aston Martins. Beautiful with a touch of elegance, the first-gen Vanquish was just perfect. Later on, Ian redesigned the Vanquish and gave us the Vanquish 25 - a car that is the launchpad for his own firm 'Callum'.

Jaguar C-X75

Here comes some bedroom wall poster stuff. The C-X75 produced 900hp and was developed by Williams. While we were never able to see it on the road, it did make an appearance in Bond film Spectre.

Jaguar I-Pace

If you think that Callum can only design petrol-powered 21st Century cars, then think again. The I-Pace looks like it has landed from the future and has given a real fight to Tesla. Callum modernized his trademark design language for the I-Pace and started the EV revolution at Jag.

Some other beauties in Ian's back catalogue are the Jaguar F-Type, Aston Martin DB7 and DB9, Nissan R39, Jaguar XK and Ford Puma among others.

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By now you would probably have understood why Ian Callum is the greatest British car designer of all time. If don't agree with me, then you are probably wrong.

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Comments (10)

  • Great article! This guy is a true legend 🙌

      1 year ago
  • I have always had a soft spot for the first vanquish that car was and now thanks to Ian Callum reviving it is incredibly beautiful it was a shame though that it was in the flappy paddle automated manual era of supercars

      1 year ago
  • Hold my beer: Malcom Sayer, aeronautical engineer and designer of C, D and E type Jags

      1 year ago
  • Trouble is there have been so many. Sayer, yes, Guigaro, Bertone...

      1 year ago
  • The greatest car designer ever was Harley Earl but of course he wasn't British.

      1 year ago