Iconic Side stripe helped identify the Porsche: not an Alfa!

2y ago
- Porsche side script (Image Porsche AG)

The Porsche side stripe with Porsche script was used to clearly identify Porsches from other manufactures. Rumour has it there was some confusion in the 1960's at Sebring race so the side stripe was introduced. The quote from the Carrera RS book... "the first time side lettering was used following the 1966 Sebring race when Helmut Bott overheard someone mistakenly call the 910 for a 'beautiful new Alfa". From the on the side decals became popular with the factory also offering them on series production cars. Today the side script is still an integral part of Porsches heritage, with the new models like the limited 911R. The side script is a very popular and easy modification that a lot of Porsche owners add to their 911. I did. #Porsche #porschehistory #porschestripe #porscheracing

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