ICYMI: 1000bhp Aston Martin noise, BMW 3-Series review, and Toyota Supra leak

Aston Martin has been making a racket with its glorious new V12, and the world has been giving its verdict on the new 3-Series

2y ago

On today's episode of CarsICYMI we have a glorious salute to the old days because Aston Martin has just released all the final specs for its stunning Valkyrie engine. We're talking 1000bhp from a naturally aspirated V12 - and it sounds as good as you'd expect!

There's also a new BMW 3-Series on the market, and the automotive press have been singing its praises. I take a look at all the pros and cons so far.

And finally there's been a leak! We're so close to finally seeing the new Supra for realsies, but someone has spoiled Toyota's fun by sharing what appears to be a photo of the production version sitting on a trailer.

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  • Nice round up Darren!

      2 years ago