ICYMI: Tesla Autopilot, electric Bugatti, and Pininfirina EV gets a name

Elon Musk has been chatting on Twitter again, while Bugatti has been discussing its electric future

2y ago

Today's instalment of CarsICYMI is an EV-heavy edition. First up, Elon Musk has been doing his usual Twitter ramblings, talking about updates to Autopilot that could make the car fully autonomous.

Bugatti has also been discussing the future of electrification for the brand... just don't expect a BugattEV any time soon.

Pininfarina on the other hand has gone all in on the electric hypercar game, and now it's given its new car a name inspired by the company's founder. Aww.

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Comments (4)

  • Bumped 2 DT USA FB 12/15/18 @7am EST

      2 years ago
  • The jaguar i-pace is a rival for ........... Jaguar. Then other ICE cars, then ALL premium EV's

      2 years ago
  • Pininfarina.... Maybe spell his name correctly?

      2 years ago
  • Don't suppose you know about the new Tesla chipset with X10 computing power?

      2 years ago