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So I got a few interesting versions, but I still can't find a 100% match

1y ago

The car has a hood ornament of Auburn. Also, 1928 AUBIRN Boattail Speedster has some similarities with this car. But it also reminds of 1983 DUESENBERG II SJ PHAETON. Mentioned earlier Excalibur is really close, but it has a different hood ornament and doesn't have fog lights. 1977 Clenet Series I? I suspect that somebody created a car out of all these models. Feel bad for not waiting for the owner.

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  • I'm not knowledgable in pre-war classics, but it seems like a series 1 Clenet though... I see a modern audio system inside(if I'm correct) and unless the owner was really out of his mind, he probably wouldn't have done it to a genuine Auburn Speedster. I'm pretty sure he added the Auburn ornament later. When considering the Clenet was a car built to imitate those pre-war classics like the Speedster, SJ, and the SSK, it's not surprising that it has the characteristics of all the cars you've mentioned. Also, here's a car that seems quite similar to the one above.

      1 year ago
    • Thank you! I saw this car only once and unfortunately without the owner. Clenet Series 1 seems to be the most accurate guess. Maybe this year I will meet this car at the shows. A lot of questions to be asked ;)

        1 year ago
  • Yes, my inital thought was 'Clenet', but I'm not too sure.

      1 year ago
    • This car is from my archive back from 2010. I wish I could meet the owner and ask about it.

        1 year ago