Identify this collection of Mario Kart 8 tracks using just their maps!

In today's edition of guessing a fictional racetrack based off some squiggly lines in a picture and a dose of pure luck, we take the 2010s answer to Mario Kart racing, yes, MK8. Anyone who gets 100% on this is pretty much a massive cheat or a massive loser who needs to get out and touch some grass.

Right, off to a flying start then.

  • Looks like Rainbow Road
  • Wait that is well Cloudtop Cruise
  • I'm a loser with no friends and I know full well that is Royal Raceway
  • That gives Sunshine Airport Vibes

You have to be properly wired to win on this one.

  • Ohhh I get it it's Ribbon Road
  • Yep it's Electrodrome
  • So does that mean it's Super Bell Subway?
  • My horoscope said the second question would be Wario's Gold Mine

This one takes a step into history.

  • History huh- Thwomp Ruins!
  • No big urban metropolis then..... Moo Moo Meadows?
  • Aha that's Grumble Volcano!
  • Throwback to the days where all the caps weren't melted, that is Ice Ice Outpost

Some view from this track-

  • The beautiful Shy Guy Falls
  • It's probably Mount Wario then.
  • Mm I'm saying Yoshi Valley, it kinda adds up.
  • Ohhh now it's Cloudtop Cruise

I'm not giving any puns for this one its too ironically straight forward.

  • It'll be Baby Park
  • That's just Mario Kart Stadium
  • That's looking like Cheese Land not gonna lie
  • Donut Plains!

A wicked looking track no doubt

  • Wicked huh? Excitebike Arena
  • As wicked as the king of Neo Bowser City even?
  • That would make it Grumble Volcano, that place gives chills.
  • In fairness Cheese Land is pretty wicked.

This is the end, and it'll leave you craving more.

  • Well then won't it end up being Sweet Sweet Canyon?
  • Yeah it's Fast Food Fast Road
  • I have a hunch it's Donut Plains

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