Idiot driver brake checks semi-truck leading to a near disastrous crash

3w ago


Dear everyone in the world, STOP DOING THIS!

According to the video, here's what the trucker had to say:

"I was traveling Northbound on Interstate 79 on a sunny Saturday afternoon near Bridgeville. The BMW driver passed the truck, crossing into the exit lane, then cut over into my lane and brake checking me first. Next, the BMW decided to go into the left-hand land to perform the same maneuver on the other truck and then doing it again to me causing me to swerve into the left lane almost rolling my loaded truck over on its side. The BMW sped away. My truck loaded weighs about 74,000 lbs, which can't be stopped on a dime like most cars."

It's never good to brake check anyone. Keep your cool, move over, and let that tailgating moron pass you. It's not worth risking you car, their car, and especially anyone else's life.

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  • Exactly one-half of this story is missing. I wonder how long the two truck drivers were driving parallel next to each other, just to piss off everyone behind them. The left lane is for passing; pass, and get over.

    24 days ago
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    • doesn't. Matter. Grow up

      23 days ago
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    • I couldn’t agree more. I do a lot of highway driving and these “truckers” will pull out in front of you doing 60 mph when you are approaching at 75mph (the posted speed limit) and then...

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      23 days ago
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  • Natural selection hasn’t taken place here yet, but there’s still time luckily.

    24 days ago
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