If cars were Top Trumps (Saloon Edition)

Time to judge the stats.

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We often like to compare similarly priced and similarly able cars to see which comes out on top. But what if cars were literally Top Trumps? Well... I think it would looks something like this!

(P.S. These stats are correct to my knowledge, however there may be inaccuracies due to contrasting figures on the internet)

Compact Saloons!

While BMW does not make a M2 Gran Coupe, Audi and Mercedes have pushed their compact saloons to the max. The Audi may have more power, but it's limited to 155, and the more pricey Mercedes would be my pick just for the swoopy 'coupe' looks!

Mid-Size Saloons!

Heavily contested, this one. The new M3 has come back to once again take the top, but will the grille impede it? The new CT4-V Blackwing is a badass American muscle saloon that looks like it's almost full size (its not). The C63 is heavy, 300kg more than the next heaviest, but the soon-gone V8 makes up for that! And finally, the Model 3. It's Marmite - you love it or hate it! My choice? Probably the Cadillac or M3!

Full-Size Saloons!

An even more tightly packed segment. Yes, the Plaid may objectively win almost every category, but would you really have it? It's probably bottom of the pile for me! The M5 CS is shockingly fast, and the GT63 S squares up with it until the GT73 comes along later this year. The Porsche Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid may have a long name, but either buy the standard Turbo or the Taycan, don't dither about like this model does. My choice? The CS!

Luxury Saloons!

The Bentley Flying Spur. Probably my favourite saloon car right now! 208 MPH! That used to be the reserve of supercars! The new Maybach, Ghost and M760Li compete with the ageing XJR and S8, but my personal choice would of course be the Bentley!

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