If countries were cars pt.1: Ireland

No it's not the Shamrock, thank god.

Do I want to talk politically and yet also avoid the abuse of being told I am not writing about cars? Yes. Do I tend to listen to people's advice over my own ideas? Not exactly. But today is an exception, for I have found a way to make us all happy, as now I can insult countries to my heart's content, and still throw a car into the mix somewhere along the way, in a new series I will probably make two posts about before moving on again. Maybe remind me to make them if you actually like em. Hopefully you do.......oh the insecurities of not knowing. Anyway I won't be ranting in articles for each of these. Just a simple post with a country and it's dedicated car I have given it. Prepare to be offended, but get a grip it's really not that deep. And why not kick off with one's own country, the beautiful Republic of Ireland (not biased at all). Now at this point you may have stopped laughing at the fact that I chose the Renault Twizy for my own homeland, but hear me out there's some genius behind this one.

Small, friendly and quite green. The Twizy is an odd little companion for a country known for being.......cozy, among other things😂.

That's the idea, nothing to specific, just a few lines per post that might ever-so-slightly justify my usually wacky thinking. If you liked the post, like the post.....please. And comment your country that you'd like to be included next time round. Thanks for reading.........

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Comments (8)

  • I like this idea. I suggest Austin Allegro for England, because it thinks it’s brilliant but it’s actually crap (added bonus that the car is actually English)

      25 days ago
  • The Chevrolet Suburban. It'll hold several folks and haul stuff. Comfortable, plentiful, takes up a lot of space, has some clever technology, 'tries' to be fuel-efficient, isn't pretentious but isn't cheap, either. 😄

      25 days ago
  • Yeah, not so sure all allegros were crap...

      23 days ago