If Driverless cars have to happen, surely this is how it should be done...

One of the problems I and many others have with driverless cars is a complete lack of involvement from the driver (which is the point, I know)

1y ago

With a lot of these driverless cars currently being developed, the "driver" sits there and that's that. A bit dull, wouldn't you say? Sure, for the first few weeks many people would be buzzing but after a while, the buzz would wear off. Long journeys would be very dull, especially if you're driving alone. But there is just possibly, a solution...

I wouldn't mind driverless cars if they were semi-driverless. What if, you can drive, brake, accelerate and park as much as you want but whenever you cannot be bothered, the automatic system kicks in. Drivers will remain happy, especially the overwhelming bulk of DriveTribers. But Driverless car advocates (they do exist), would be happy to. Both parties would be pleased.

This idea sort of reminds me of the car Mr Incredible had in the Incredibles. Not the part where it changes appearance totally but where the car takes control when Mr Incredible saw fit. Mr Incredible decided when he didn't want to drive, not the car and that's how it should be.

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