If F1 teams were football clubs

2y ago


'Diversification' is a trendy buzz-word we've heard besuited business types talking about in the lifts of the building we used to share with bankers and hedge-fund managers.

But what does it mean? Essentially, it just means doing more stuff so you aren't reliant on just one source of income. It's why, as well as writing about F1, we also do a bit of guttering on the side at weekends, just in case.

But with new owners Liberty Media taking over F1 and talking a lot about the untapped commercial possibilities for the sport, could we see the teams using their brands in new and exciting ways to target more fans?

Could we even see them setting up football club franchises along the lines of the European sports club model that sees FC Barcelona also running teams for basketball, handball, futsal and even roller hockey?

Almost certainly not.

But just because it would be cool to see what that would look like, graphic designer Sean Bull came up with these concepts for F1 teams' football strips - complete with home, away and third kit.

And we reckon they're awesome.

Williams: We want Sir Frank to start a football team just so we can buy this kit

Mercedes: Top of the time sheets to top of the league?

McLaren: Imagine 'Big' Ron Dennis as a football manager...

Red Bull: That third kit would surely bamboozle the opposition

Force India: A team of midfield dynamos

Renault: Could they persuade Thierry Henry to come out of retirement and give them a bit of va-va-voom?

Sauber: Probably best to play up the Brazilian links for the Swiss squad...

Toro Rosso: You could really see this being worn in Serie A

Haas: The home kit is pretty neat, but the stars and stripes third strip is not so swell

Manor: All three of these are beauts - though it looks like they are doomed to relegation

Ferrari: These just look so... right

All images by @SeanBullDesign