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If Ford had bought Ferrari this is what they would have made

Abimelec Design's mad half-Mustang, half-F40 rendering imagines a world in which Enzo and The Deuce actually struck a deal.

1y ago

As the recent Oscar-nominated film Ford v Ferrari (or Le Mans '66 depending on where you live in the world) will have informed many and reminded others, back in the 1960s, then-CEO of Ford Motor Company, Henry Ford II, at the suggestion of company Vice President Lee Iacocca, attempted to buy out cash-strapped Ferrari from its founder and namesake Enzo Ferrari, who famously walked out on the deal after insulting both Ford the company and the man, incensing the American such that he pushed for the development of the famed GT40 that would put Ferrari back in his place when it saw a string of victories at LeMans in the latter half of the decade.

But imagine now a world where things had gone a bit differently and Enzo, rather than turning his back on Ford to later merge with Fiat, had ended up selling to the Blue Oval. With both companies having produced some truly great cars over the years, one can only begin to dream up just what the two powerhouses would have created.

And dream this up, someone has, as you can tell from the renderings you see here of a truly insane creation which marries bits of the Fox-body Mustang and F40 to create what has been dubbed the F40xbody.

Created by Abimelec Design, the merging of the two models was in one regard easy due to their very similar dimensions, but given the F40's sleek styling and the Mustang's stubby and boxy profile, it required the two being "chop[ped] into a million pieces."

Lowering the roofline of the Fox-body and widening the quarter panels to mimic those of the F40, the wheels, wing, taillights, and Rosso Corsa paintwork are all lifted right from the Ferrari, and all look surprisingly at home on the Mustang.

And primarily being a Mustang, it's only right that it has a V8 even in imaginary form, although it is in the wrong place, as the twin-turbo bent-eight sits behind the cabin on full display under an F40-esque vented and transparent engine cover.

Rounding out the design at the front-end are some Ford headlights, but they aren't from the Mustang. Instead, the headlights have been lifted from a Thunderbird in a similar manner to what was seen on the 1993 Saleen RRR.

Additionally, the Ferrari shield on the front quarter panels has been tweaked slightly as well to perfectly reflect this marriage of the two prancing horse models in a rather tongue-in-cheek way.

So then, what do you think of this crazy rendering? Let us know in the comments, along with what you think Ford and Ferrari could have created if the famously failed merger had've gone ahead.

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Comments (41)

  • Thank God Ford never bought Ferrari

      1 year ago
    • I'm more disappointed that Enzo didn't get to see this abomination. Would've served him right for being such an arrogant prick. 😬

        1 year ago
  • Why did he destroyed fox body like this?

      1 year ago
  • I honestly don't hate it! Cool idea, maybe do a new Ford GT/LaFerrari mixup?

      1 year ago
  • I think i just threw up in my mouth... 🤢

      1 year ago
  • That's disgusting.

      1 year ago