If Hamilton Has His Way F1 Would Get More Noise More Cylinders & More Pedals

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What is the undisputed number one complaint about the current crop of Formula 1 engines? The noise, or lack thereof. The modern engines might be a paragon of ultra high technology but they have not even come close to resonating with fans. Pretty much every F1 fan I speak to has the same suggestion, "BRING BACK THE V12'S, V10'S!!!" Hell, I'd personally welcome back the V8's at this point.

Lewis Hamilton agrees, in a recent interview in Brazil he echoed many of our sentiments on modern day F1. “Really loud, the new engine should be in my opinion, like a jet, a bit like before. I can still remember my first GP visit to Belgium in 1996, when I was in the paddock and Michael Schumacher came in. Everything vibrated! You do not get that as a TV viewer! But when you were at the track for the first time, the sound blew you away. It’s not like that anymore, and not everyone misses the noise, but I personally miss the sound, I like it really loud. “

This on the heels of Liberty's announcement that their proposed 2021 engine regs would be a simpler version of the engines used today. This hasn't sat well with the engine manufactures and the fans aren't exactly thrilled either. The only people who seem to like the new plan are those teams who have to purchase engines from a third party. Make no doubt, Liberty and the FIA are in a difficult position. Go too far in either direction and they risk severely angering a major part of the sport.

A conservative approach would be recommended. Or you can follow Mr. Hamilton's suggestion and go back to the glory days of F1! “V12, if you ask me directly! With manual shifting, so you have to take your hand off the steering wheel - that’s so much better. And three pedals. That would be really cool, but that will not happen - although it would be great if you had to cover your ears again when a Formula One car rushed by.”

Imagine if these bad boys made a return to F1? There would be a massive earthquake as F1 fans across the world collectively lost their shit!

Yup in addition to screaming ear wounding sound Hamilton wants more cylinders and maybe just as important a clutch pedal. Lewis Hamilton is championing #SaveTheManuals at the highest level of motorsport, and God bless him for it. Unfortunately we are more likely to see a CVT transmission in F1 long before we ever see a proper manual box return. Sadly the manufactures are insistent on pushing technology forward for some insane reason.

Other drivers have echoed Hamilton's sentiment and the idea of modern cars with modern aero rocking howling, screaming engines that punish your ear drums makes for an amazing concept. Suddenly F1 becomes the spectacle it used to be. It is never going to happen but we as fans can dream and hope against hope that somewhere someone is listening and makes our dreams a reality!

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