If I was in charge...

What cars would the police be in under YOUR RULE?

I don't know if I've ever seen a police force as pointless as my own countrys. And while I wanted to publicly rudicule them for an entire article (i might still do that if you want idk) I figured that I would want to try not go too long without discussing some cars. And so I've tied the two together. You see for years now our entire police force, An Garda Síochana, have had their fleet of cars supplied by Hyundai. Which means BORING. There is no impression of control or security given off by this, two things which I value very highly. So I have come to the conclusion that instead of doing anything of any significance in relation to this problem, I'd make a Drivetribe post about it instead. The idea is simple, you are in power. The running of the police is completely in your hands, so you are gonna pick what cars they make their presence in.

You will pick three brands: One for a police van. One for a fast and trusty saloon or estate car. One for whatever other car you choose to include. Also give the model in each instance. Remember presence is important, but so is practicality, safety, speed and all of that sort of stuff. So make your choices and share. Here's mine, tell me what you think, so long as you are in agreement that is.


I used my very limited knowledge of vans to muster up this brainwave.....the 2021 Volswagen Transporter! Obviously it's fairly self-explanatory. Main points are it's big, spacious, and german. Perfect.


For the SUV, what better choice the the absolutely massive Land Rover Defender 130 (the one with 8 seats). It goes everywhere and does everything, let's be real. And surely there's some reassurance in the name 'Defender'......If I was bothered I would get the 'sometimes my genius is almost frightening' meme but I'm not so just imagine it. It's not a van so don't bother with that.


For once, I cannot justify using Kia.....so I won't🥺. Instead I've gone for this, the Volvo S90. Yes the estate is better, but I am a man of principle and quality. And the wagon is what would be used as the hearse, NOT the police car. If this isn't a car for good service, god I don't know what is. There's nothing bad about it.

So there we are, you may have noticed my main concern when picking my cars was style, because my Ireland will be one of quality, not Hyundais. Like I said give your list and tell us why it is what it is. Thanks for reading, maybe pop back next time round?👋

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Comments (52)

  • Police Van: Merc-V Class

    Police SUV- G-Wagens

    Police Saloons- C63S AMG

    Additional cars: E63S AMG Wagon

    AMG GT63S

    SLS AMG and AMG GT-R for high speed chases!

      29 days ago
  • van-Ford transit

    SUV-Land rover defender 130,like yours.

    sedan/saloon-BMW m5

    note-If my country uses these vehicles in the police force,it will get bankrupt,lol😂

      29 days ago
  • Van:-Mercedes Metris


    Saloon:-Mercedes S63 AMG

    So,a MERC gang.....

    P.S.If we use them,we will be DOOMED........🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      29 days ago
  • Van: Mercedes sprinter

    SUV: BMW X5

    Saloon: BMW m5

      29 days ago
  • Van: Renault Traffic. No one will believe me but it is far superior to the Ford Transit (because it won’t rust, is far more reliable and has a similar cargo bay but is overall narrower, meaning more maneuverable)

    SUV: Toyota Hilux (police don’t need SUVs, but some need to off-road, hence the Hilux)

    Saloon: BMW 3 Series (it’s been used by traffic police for years in the UK, no need to change it)

    Panda Car: Dacia Sandero (a Panda car needs to be. It’s that simple. A Sandero is cheap and reliable, so it’s perfect. You can get three Sanderos to two of the police’s current choice Peugeot 308, and a Sandero is far more reliable than a 308)

      28 days ago
    • very justifiable choices, and i can very happily take ur word for it........especially with the renault and dacia😄, but whats a panda car.....is it like those disguised police cars?

        28 days ago
    • No it’s the car that just normal police drive around in. If you have to go to someone’s house and tell them their husband has just been killed then a panda car would do just fine. They’re called panda cars because they traditionally would be...

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        28 days ago