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The old F type looked so nice...

42w ago


Since it's launch, the Jaguar F type has been the best looking car in Jaguar's range, not to mention the best. I genuinely wanted one when it came out, the V8 SVR ofcourse not the poor man's V6. Unfortunately I am poorer than the poor man so I didn't get either.

The only issues with the outgoing model were that the V6 didn't have enough of a fire up it's arse, and while the V8 did, it made such a song and dance about it. I'm all in for good sounding cars but it gets to a point where they're just too noisey and all that achieves is pissing off the neighbours when their dog wakes up from the roar of your V8 early in the morning. One of my mates' dad has an SVR and I remember he came to pick him up once and it litteraly deafened the whole of the city of Bath. Other than that, it's a fantastic car. It looked great, handled well and was well made. Jaguar sold many many F types and now, for the new decade they've come up with a facelift refresh for their best car.

Firstly, there hasn't been a ton of change under the bodywork. The V6's are being replaced by inline 6 pots, like in a Supra bro!, and these are going to be part of a hybrid powertrain apparently. The 5.0 V8 is still here so don't worry all you showoffs. The main differences, as you would expect in a facelift is the face has been lifted. Except it hasn't. The face of the new design is droopy. It's almost like the bonnet starts to give up on life the further forwards you get. The more curvy grill being the size of saturn doesn't help the look either. I think if they had made the bottom of the grill flat then it would have made for a much prettier front end. At the moment it looks like when the blue whales gobble up krill on a bbc nature documentary.

I'm not a huge fan of the arse either. It looks more complicated than sudoku when your shitfaced. The bodywork is all angular and pointy, but then the rear window is hemispherical. I think a bit more consistency in design language would have gone a long way. Plus, I don't know how they did it, but the exhaust look like they were an afterthought. I can't quite figure out why but they don't fit.

Now, I know I'm going to be blasted for this, and I'm sure it'll be fantastic to drive. All I'm saying is that I think they could have done better. In my opinion the old F type was a handsome car, and this new one just looks like it's sad about something.Probably because it's turning into a hybrid. It is by no means an ugly car, I just think there is something off about it. Don't comment about how you love it. I don't give a shit. But if you agree with me then please comment and fuel my ego.

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