If looks are any indicator, this car means business.

This particular paint job is brought to you by the prestigious Helen Keller Institute of Automotive Paint and Body Design and Rustoleum..
Rustoleum Paint, paint it till it screams.

The livery may not go with a Mercedes C-11 but here in the states we don’t get to see cars like this racing very often. Where I live, that’s spelled never.

That leaves only imagination for inspiration and gets us here.
Putting a pan car body on a touring chassis isn’t normal either but it’s worth the effort in my opinion.

Every tolerance is snug and the wheelbase is shall we say, adjusted. But the gains in airflow, aerodynamics and added traction from four wheel drive and massive tires should be pretty good.

A few more parts still coming as shipping is sometimes dodgy these days. Should be driving in a few more weeks.

Let me know if I’ve violated some obscure European rules with a Repsol Mercedes or if it looks good!

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