If Richard Hammond restores Oliver, what should he do?

Should he leave Oliver standard, repair the rust etc or should he do something out of the ordinary with him. In my opinion he should leave him standard just fix the rusty parts etc.

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Comments (13)

  • Fully restore to brand new specification but no more. Leave Oliver as Oliver

      27 days ago
  • Complete rebuild from scratch. Full body restoration to original spec, sandblasted and repainted chassis, modern suspension including an independent rear suspension with modern diff and driveshafts, modern brakes upgrade, then bigger wheels and tires to accommodate the larger brakes, along with steel braided brake lines. Then, swop out the original engine with a modern GM engine, probably a 1.6 L Ecotec inline 4, with a 6 speed manual gearbox. Interior kitted out with black carpets, black leather door cards and Ricaro reclinable sports seats, and a matching bench seat for the back and a new headliner. I think that will do it. Just some of my ideas. Then, Oliver will be a sleeper...

      24 days ago
  • Keep it looking nice and not modded

      27 days ago
  • Complete body & interior rebuild keep it all original....

    Upgrade brakes and give the little 4 pot a rebuild with a few tweaks just to upgrade the performance a touch while keeping it looking all orginal

      5 days ago
  • Oliver needs to be restored as he was the day he was built. Maybe give him a little more power, brakes etc, especially if Hammond plans to drive him more. But keep him as original as possible. Can't take away the essence that is Oliver.

      11 days ago