If you could build one car completely from scratch, what would it be?

27w ago
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A Caterham Seven is the classic choice for someone wanting to build a car completely from boxes and bags full of parts, making sure that you've assembled every single nut and bolt. Halfords have partnered with Caterham to service their Seven racing cars, and it's made me want one of these beauties in my life! But what would you personally go for? A full restoration of a classic? Or building a Seven to go racing? Tell me in the comments!

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Comments (49)

  • A Toyota AE86 Widebody set up for drift. Throw a RB26 on it, and you're in heaven!

      6 months ago
  • Restomod Yugo. A sleeper as much as possible, with a Busso V6 instead of rear bench, driving the rear wheels.

      6 months ago
  • I’d love to do a Lancia Stratos, which would almost certainly have to come from a kit given the price of the originals. I’d use it in anger at track days, hill climbs and for navigation rallies, it wouldn’t be a garage queen.

      6 months ago
    • Great choice, I think there are kits around which come with an Alfa V6 in the back.

        6 months ago
  • I had a 78’ Firebird as a teenager (the Esprit model, same as James Garner used in “Rockford”) when my Dad had a ‘76 450 SLC Merc. The difference in build, engineering and quality was (and still is) eye watering. Then again, Pontiac/GM wasn’t building for the luxury sports car market.....

    Would love to try a restomod on my old Firebird to turn it into something that was lighter, had more power and could actually go through a corner with some authority.

      6 months ago
  • Id love to build a DB5🤩

      6 months ago