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If you could have any hyper-car what would it be?
  • I couldn't tell you!
  • I will tell you!

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  • I will take a Mclaren P1 all day, everyday please 😏

      25 days ago
  • For Some Reason 2 days ago I decided to fall in love with this:

      25 days ago
    • It’s because it’s the definition of what a Ferrari is all about. It’s exciting, V12, rwd, gorgeous and it’s red!

        25 days ago
    • Exactly

        25 days ago
  • I’d have a Ferrari F430 coupe with a manual... super enough for me.

      25 days ago
  • P1 or Senna

      25 days ago
  • All ik is it wud be a McLaren probably😍

      25 days ago


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