If you do it - Stop Comparing Audi and BMW

Audi and BMW may well be both German and from Bavaria, but the comparing the two brands isn't quite right...

43w ago


It's simple. Audi are German. So are BMW. They're both from Bavaria and they both make similar types of cars. Those are understandable reasons as to why people, including myself, have compared these two companies. But here's the thing, it's not really a fair comparison. I mean, technically you can compare anything with anything else. But Audi and BMW are two rather different beasts.


Audi are a subsidiary of VW. A very successful subsidiary, but a subsidiary all the same. Audi exists merely as a part of the VW commercial empire. BMW, on the other hand is its own massive company. BMW is owned not by VW or anything, they are owned by the BMW Group which in a way, makes them an independent brand. I'm not going to get into the specifics because it's very complicated but basically BMW is not anywhere the same as Audi.

A better comparison would be BMW and Mercedes-Benz, or even BMW and VW. Or, Audi could be compared with another subsidiary of VW such as SEAT, Skoda or even Porsche.

Both companies are similar, yes. But from a strictly business based point of view, they're very different and therefore a comparison doesn't really make much sense.

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  • No, I tend to disagree. Yes, both Audi and Porsche are owned by Volkswagen, but it is not like GM type ownership, where everything is (sorry, was when Holden was around) dictated from Detroit. Opel and Vauxhall were exceptions. If one does not know about, one can be forgiven for thinking it's not true. There is no family external resemblance between Volkswagen and Audi. Some internal components may come from corporate bin for cheaper models, but that's about all. As for Porsche, I don't know if anything comes from corporate bin. However, when it come to Skoda or SEAT resemblance can be easily seen. Porsche and top end Audi can and should be compared with BMW because they are luxury and performance vehicles.

      10 months ago
    • I beg to disagree. Both Audi and VW's skin can be interchanged and it would look natural. Take for example the the 20th century audis, the only external difference was the badge.

        10 months ago
    • Yes of course, back in 1970's Audi 50 was Volkswagen Polo, Volkswagen Derby was Audi 80 and even Porsche 924 was actually built in Audi factory. I am not talking about these cars. I talking about top range like R8 and most of today's Audi's. All...

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        10 months ago
  • I may possibly stop arguing as long as we can agree that BMW are better

      9 months ago
  • But then if you compare VW and BMW, you put Rolls Royce and mini into the mix. They are compared as there models take up the same market space and sell similarly, so it’s natural to compare them, what you gonna compare an m4 to with VW itself? Golf GTI?

      9 months ago