- I'm sorry cars!

If you like a car, but you want a Christmas tree?

Express your love for the car through the creation of its unique Christmas tree, which will be at the center of social networks and a future source of enthusiasm during all year.

Decorating your whole house with items in the spirit of a motorist, you will create a unique holiday atmosphere dedicated to your favorite work. This means that the special Santa Claus and the Spirit of Christmas will surely make the whole of the next year happy and prosperous for you and your car. (And after the holiday, you can turn your house into the automobile Christmas museum. It's a pity to take it all away. This could be a good place for petrolheads parties)

You can use license plates, tires, rims (so similar to Christmas decorations) and other beautiful, and perfect car parts. (Do not disassemble your car! Use old, and unnecessary spare parts. If you are lucky and you are the owner of the automotive business, these decorations from the new parts will be the best advertising)

Do not disassemble your car!

License plates from different countries could be looking as a true work of art.

With star on the top

Simple idea

Christmas tree consists of decorative parts that are subject to the idea of design. 1. Base or floor around. 2. What is the construction attached to? 3. The design itself, the Christmas tree. Its composition, shape and components, materials. 4. The top of tree or the center of composition, to which all eyes are turned. This part of the Christmas tree is the most important. 5. Light garlands and additional decorations of the tree and the surrounding space. Think about light around. 6. Ceiling decoration and light. 7. Place the furniture next to it so that you can admire the Christmas tree while doing useful work.

And it is green

From discs. Magic circles

And even when repairs and mess are everywhere, there is a place for the miracle of Christmas!

Robot car on wheels. Genius

The best presents for car

Just hang garlands

Christmas tree on the top of Tire tower in safe


Your car deserve to has its own Christmas tree in garage with presents

The Christmas tree, which makes you belong to a motorist, may be small! :)

Future driver must to know all the road rules. Best present from father to a child :)

Make a Christmas tree from books about cars.

Now they are make you more happy.

Bicycles are real sources of inspiration for creating a Christmas tree. Wheels round like Christmas balls, bicycle chains like garlands, pedals like Christmas toys, horn like a star, seat like a tree trunk (Christmas tree from bicycle seats? Sit on the Christmas tree:) ... The whole Christmas universe is hidden in bicycles

I want the bicycle from the top :)

In 2010, a Christmas tree made entirely from recycled bikes was introduced in Sydney. It took a total of eight weeks to design and build a tree with bicycles and their parts, which were provided by the recycling corporation CMA, which continued to contribute to cleaning up the environment and recycling materials even after the tree was dismantled.

Looks impressive. Sydney tree.

Alexey Chipigin from Odessa, with the help of like-minded people, created a Christmas tree from bicycle parts and tires.

The biggest bicycle Christmas tree

It is very stylish and rich to decorate the Christmas tree in the style of your favorite car brand, using the company colors, shapes, materials, and logo

BMV decorations for Christmas

BMV Christmas tree with brand toys

You can hang the wheel of the car to the ceiling, and decorate it with spruce paws.

In 2014, an electric Christmas tree decorated one of the London gas stations next to Regents Canal.

Will the tree and the electric car be friends?

Decorate an ordinary Christmas tree with unusual toys in the form of toy cars, airplanes, helicopters, ships, bicycles or their parts ...

from the shop of handmade things https://www.livemaster.ru/

Favorite Top Gear cars is my dream Christmas toys

Russian car tree

Christmas tree with real cars

The first place among all the trees for children... Now you can play on the Christmas tree .This is the best New Year's idea.

Audi tree from the Audi brand shop

Like a dream

And don't forget to hang a Christmas wreath on the door, so that you can only have happiness, love and luck.

For your car and you

Decorate all house with Christmas automotive spirit and petrol good luck will be always with you.

The Lamp

Shining gifts

Snow live tires! :)

Happy snowman family

Sometimes such trees can attract more visitors.

The best gifts


and a bug with presents on parking :)

Of course the Christmas tree should be safe

Happy, Happy, Happy New Year and Merry Christmas! Let's all your dreams come true!

Happiness is real