- Russian Christmas tree from drivers

If you like Christmas trees, but prefer a car.

If you do not want to part with the car on New Year's Eve, but you want to get on the Christmas tree, you can act as drivers of Kaliningrad. About 250 cars arrived at the event. Even fire trucks and a tow truck took part in building the main symbol of the New Year. Motorists were also helped by road policemen - their vehicles performed the function of a bright, glittering "star". Watch the video from the New Year's Eve event here.

Across Russia, in different cities are created such trees, snowmans, and snowflakes every year. I propose to make such drawings not static, but in motion on the video, like a dance in honor of Christmas with the help of cars :)

Snowmen from Astrakhan

And on the roads of Yakutsk every year, traffic police inspectors are replaced by Santa Claus himself or Frosty Grandfather (Dzed Moroz) in Russian language for holidays. Many drivers did not feel particularly happy after the signal of the inspector’s baton, but when Santa Claus appeared next to the inspector with a bag of gifts, the excitement from the meeting disappeared.

The festive crew closely monitored the observance of traffic rules: the DPS inspector selectively stopped vehicles, and the New Year hero congratulated drivers on the upcoming New Year and wished motorists in the New Year happiness, health, safe roads and handed them pleasant and yet useful gifts.


What would happen to this car if Santa Claus would see it?

Santa tastier than a petrol for real deer

So, what if you love a car more than Christmas trees, but now it's New Year soon?

First you need to wash the car well. The New Year is celebrated only in new clothes, and a good bath will help for your car. Clean the interior from the inside, it will also fill the car with a pleasant aroma. Repair what was broken, replace outdated parts, add gasoline and all other fluids so that the new year is complete and happy :) After all this, your car will be new again.

Let your car be happy too :)

After cleaning the house, we begin to decorate it :) So we begin to decorate our car instead of a Christmas tree or instead of the whole house. Immediately it will be clear to everyone where the main place in your life is. You can hang on it snowflakes from paper and shiny materials, garlands, balls, toys, tinsel, and a star on the roof. The main thing is that they do not interfere with the review and do not cause an accident!

The main thing is that they do not interfere with the review and do not cause an accident!

Light garlands should not interfere with driving. Garlands - light bulbs that decorate the home tree, designed for a voltage of 220 volts. For the car, you need to look for an adapter, or 12-volt garlands (which are designed for street lighting), or battery garlands.

Everything in salon of your Christmas car should be at the height and remind of the holiday. Now you have a unique opportunity to get inside the Christmas tree instead of your cat, who, probably, always had time to do it! For the reality of sensations you can hang a bundle of aromatic little Christmas trees on the mirror ... Although nothing can replace the real smell of spruce, which means put a pot with a small spruce in the salon. And place a lot of tangerines around in cabin. And you can even bring homemade cake, it will be the best natural flavor.

Christmas tree made from many little aroma Christmas trees

Smells great! (A little tree from your salon will be grow up during the years. Regular water it)

Decorate your car with pillows and covers with embroidered Christmas patterns, lay the same rugs under your feet. Decorate the ceiling with stars.

Room pillows could be good for your car too

Bath rug? No! Now it is a special rug for your car from North Pole :)

Immediately after dry cleaning salon scatter confetti! Slap the flappers! (I like only those inside which the gifts are hidden) You can salute directly from the windows. The main thing is to create a festive mood for another. And beware the harsh sounds and movements can create an unpleasant traffic situation.

Dress up! Do not be afraid to try on Santa's hat while driving and you don’t need to grow a beard for half a year before this! You can dress up as a deer, snowman, elf. Most importantly, as a result, you will see how the attitude of other drivers and traffic police to you has changed. Instead of wanting to outrun you or oppress you, you will see smiles and good mood.

The best Christmas Taxi.

Your car ready to dress up for the holiday from afar will be seen better than you.

I believe in big presents from those Santa!

If you have a TV in the car, then you can not leave the vehicle on New Year's Eve. Being a car fan means going to the end.

Put a New Year's piggy bank with a suction cup on the dashboard that looks like the main symbol of the year with wishes of happiness. Passengers should like it a lot. And you too :)

Listen to the New Year radio and play with the radio presenters in the New Year games. But be sure to create your own personal assembly of your favorite New Year hits! Dancing in the car is much more convenient than in the club. And it is more original, more fun and interesting. This is always great emotions, and fitness, and stretching. And while you feel like a real car lover. The music should be turned up so that others feel the holiday comes to them! Let your mood and emotions be an example and joy for everyone.

Holiday is coming

always Coca Cola

Let yourself behind the wheel drink festive children's champagne and wine that is not alcoholic! :) This will create a festive mood :)

Stock up on gifts for everyone ... There should always be presents under the Christmas tree (in the Christmas tree?) And if you also dressed up like Santa Claus, then this is simply a must. It can be chocolates, mandarins, postcards, Christmas decorations and candy ... Suddenly you brought someone up? From now you will get an opportunity to congratulate the passenger and make a gift. And if you want to create a completely festive atmosphere, then take the risk to offer your small gift to an unfamiliar motorist standing next to you in a traffic jam. These will be real New Year's emotions. It may be more than a simple meeting in the future :)

Let see how you can decorate your car!

You can decorate like a real postcard

You can decorate your car with the help of lights

Mystery Christmas wonder

This model of car has a great opportunity in decoration

Deer on Christmas tree wheels

If you find it in the forest?

Children delight

Christmas disco star. Music big box with your favorite hits. All ground are trembling around

Russian USSR style

Can you believe in real deer on the road?

It is an idea for Hammond

Snowflake back wheel

Bus for people. Big Santa of course is looking more real :)

Sport with Christmas tree will bring a luck

Will bring the win!

Not forget about the details

Christmas sign

You can paint the car. But will you be allowed to drive on the roads at other times of the year?

Advertisement of Christmas gift

But if you are rich, you can do it! :)

Nature can decorate your car for you. And then you are the happiest and richest owner of an unusual car for the whole winter. (Pouring cold water on will help or harm the car?)

Christmas tree in nature drawings. A gift from little elf

Snowflakes from Santa for free :)