I​f You Own An Older Subaru Outback, You Need To Look Into This Problem.

36w ago

T​he Subaru Outback, a great car that has been on the roads for years now. Very safe and a dependable all wheel drive vehicle that has battled the elements and everything you can throw at it. But, I have noticed on the L.L. Bean Edition Subaru's the rear sunroof starts to leak water into the back. Signs of this are usually the smell of mildew, water pooling the back storage area, stains on the ceiling, and watching water drip in if it is raining hard enough. The problem is that where the sunroof track and the drainage tubes meet, the glue or sealant they used from the factory must start to deteriorate and then you have water inside your beloved Subaru. But do not fret! I am here to save you with this easy step by step fix to where you do not have to drop your whole headliner or take it to a mechanic! just some of it. As long as you have some RTV and some basic hand tools I have faith in you. I did this a couple weeks ago and it has held up through some heavy rain storms. This particular Subaru is a 2004 Outback, so it affects this year and surrounding years. Even if it has not affected yours yet, it is better to get it out of the way now before it does happen and what you leave in the back gets drenched after a heavy rainstorm. That and nobody likes a car with a smelly interior. So best of luck to you, I'll leave a video here down below to help guide you through the steps and it should not take you too long to do. If you do have any questions, feel free to ask. Good luck! I have faith in you.

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