If you put function first, form will follow.

A demonstration of what's to come.

4y ago

I'm stood in between a forest of trees. In front of me is a narrow piece of tarmac, winding its way uphill. It's quiet. Two marshals stand in front of me, chatting about a recent regulation change.

Then everyone stops. A screaming noise is getting louder and louder, muffled by the trees around us. Then suddenly a green flash comes past, and the camera clicks. The experience at the time is one of pure aggression, an angry wasp zipping past en route to ruin someone's picnic. Whilst you don't see it clearly at the time, a different story is told by the snapshot in time. Frozen in the lens is a lime green and black Westfield, sideways as it runs over the crest in the road. There's no effort to make this car look cool - there's no decorative wings, it's not particularly low, it has 3 big holes sawn into the back of it and it has a huge cage on it. But somehow, it looks incredible. The pure pursuit of the fastest time up the hill is what has shaped this car - there isn't a single piece of bodywork which is present for any reason other than because it has to be.

I will be competing in hillclimbs in my own car next year, a Mazda MX-5, and will be bringing my camera with me. I hope to share a lot more in the way of these functional cars, and in the meantime share some pictures I've taken in the past of others. Feel free to add your own cars and pictures - remember, function is what it's all about.

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