If you track down this stolen Aston Martin DB5, you get a £1,000 reward

The registration is HJB 753C and it's pretty much a Bond spec

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This iconic Aston Martin DB5 which is thought to be one the UK’s most valuable vehicles, has gone missing following a suspected theft on the 18th July.

With your help and the power of social media, there is hope to find this car and whoever finds it will receive a £1,000 reward.

It is thought that only 123 are still on the road today worldwide, making this an incredibly rare car as I am sure you know already. Being so few, the value of this car is easily upwards of £1 million here in the UK.

This DB5 went missing while parked on Hawthorn Lane in the Wilmslow area of Cheshire on the 18th July this year (2020). Anyone with information which leads to the safe recovery of the vehicle could receive a reward of £1,000.

Neil Thomas, the Director of Investigative Services at AX, an anti-fraud and theft specialist said: “This is a highly unusual theft in broad daylight and one we felt is of national significance. Old and young people alike have an affiliation with this classic motor, which will forever be synonymous with James Bond."

“This vehicle certainly stands out and we are keen to preserve a little piece of British history and hope for its safe return. The DB5’s official chassis number, DB5/2058/R, is specific to the vehicle and we want to hear from anyone who has knowledge of its location. That is why we launched this appeal to help find this iconic car. You may even know the person who took the vehicle – we ask that you do the right thing and get in touch," he continued.

If you do happen to know of where this car is or any information to do with the theft, please click the link here to report it.

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  • I don't want to sound petty but 1k for recovering a car like that is a bit measly, isn't it?

      30 days ago
  • A thousand pounds?! Pffft. I am the one who has it now. I am driving the wheels off and when I am finished I am STILL not giving it back. It belongs to ME now. 😜

      30 days ago
  • Is this car going to be like Elvis. Seen in many different places.

    Regarding the reward. Usually it is 20% to 30% of the recovered value.

    I hope the owner reads Drivetribe, the tight cunt.

      27 days ago

      29 days ago
  • Saw one driving north on the A9 near Gleneagles on August 9th. Didn't see the reg, but it was the same colour. Where's my money?

      30 days ago