If you were a cyborg from 2321, this is the watch you'd wear

Introducing the 'Sapphire Vision'

The year is 2321. Elon Musk successfully made his dream come true. He reached Mars around 300 years ago and revealed his true nature, yes, he's an alien and he's over 350 years of age. He's the president of Tesla Mars and he's thinking about building a hypertunnel because Earth-Mars commuters are tired of wasting precious time on the slow intergalactic bus.

Kanye West's great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandson is the President of the United States. The London Borough of Dubai is still flourishing. Italy is busy with yet another political crisis, as the longest-serving Prime Minister of the country - he's been in charge for well over 3 hours and counting - threatens to resign. What else? Ah yes, Tottenham are yet to win the league, and John Coleman's great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandson is the richest person on Earth and the CEO of a company called 'That's Pants'.

And you're a cyborg. Your name is Sy Borg and this is your daily watch, it's an MB&F Sapphire Vision, made entirely out of sapphire crystal.

The Sapphire Vision takes its inspiration from the Horological Machine N°9, first introduced in 2018, 303 years ago. MB&F built what is almost certainly their most intriguing and striking movement yet and that's why they decided to highlight by making a watch entirely out of sapphire crystal, available with an 18K red gold frame, with the movement coated in PVD or NAC, or with an 18k white gold frame, either PVD-coated or red gold-plated.

It is powered by a manual-winding 52-jewel mechanism, comprising 301 individual components with a 45-hour power reserve (around 46 if you're on Mars), and it vibrates at 18,000 bhp.

The price tag is 420,000 CHF, that's around £350k, which was not cheap back in 2021 back then again this is a special timepiece.

What are your horological plans for 2321? Feel free 2 share in the comments

If you wanna learn more about this watch from a purely technical standpoint, check out Jo's post here ↓

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Comments (37)

  • “Male Chastity Device” inspired? 🙃

      1 month ago
  • Yes, it's all well and good, EXCEPT, if you're a cyborg, why would you need a watch?

      1 month ago
  • Call me Borg .... Cy Borg ....

      1 month ago
  • I am not interested in the watch, just the story. Just deliver more futuristic stories like this lol. I enjoy reading them

      1 month ago
  • If I am still "alive" in 2321 I'll kill myself. Heaping loads of NO WAY, MAN. They'd have to strap me down to add parts. I have enough metal in me now. Thanks but nope. Errrrrrr, not gonna happen. Just the thought brings awful dread. I am not a machine nor do I ever wish to be one or on one. Thanks, but I'll show myself out now.

      1 month ago