If You’re In The Market For A Porsche 911 R – You're Going To Need Deep Pockets

2y ago


The Porsche 911 R was always destined to be a rare car, 991 units will be built and it has been said that the German car-maker has even turned certain customers down for undisclosed reasons when attempting to place an order.

The 911 R shares most of its set-up with the insane GT3 RS, here in true Porsche style you pay more to get less, the rollcage, rear wing, and aerowork are ditched for a weight savings of 50 kg.

In a singular statement of giving drivers back actual control of their cars the R comes only with a 6-speed manual transmission, if you want a paddle shift, too bad, but a GT3 RS, the top speed is alleged to be 201 mph (323 km/h) this is down to a slightly lower drag coefficient than it’s sibling the GT3 RS. If you choose to you can spec additional options such as a lighter flywheel and removal of the air conditioning and audio systems.

So, you want a 911 R but Porsche are being mean and won’t let you buy one, what do you do, don’t fret as TCR has you covered as I have found you a 911 R that’s well specced and going for a song.

As long as the song your singing is the £550,000 song then you can be in the market for this as new delivery mile’s only 911 R:

Photo Credit: DK Engineering

This 911 R looks to have been specced right as well, finished in GT Silver Metallic accompanied by green stripes, the car also appears to have retained the navigation system along with a few other select extras.

The car is available at DK Engineering so if you have very deep pockets pay them a visit and you'll be half a million quid worse off but fully able to revel in the fact you will own a 911 R.

Photo Credit: DK Engineering

For some background on this price markup, when building a 911 R, I could only get the cost up to around £150k with a fair few options like a Front Axle Lift System (£2,024) for avoiding all those pesky speed bumps an other such things as Sport Chrono Package, whatever that is, as an investment the 911 R is way better than any property you can find for the same money.

Anyone want to bet that a 911 R will be worth a seven-figure sum in a year or two...................

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