- "​The Pampas Bull's" 1953 225 Sport Spider recently captured at a local Cars & Coffee photos & story: Royce Rumsey

"Il cavalcata el toro"

"​The Bull's Ride": José Froilán González's 1953 225 Sport Spider

1y ago

One of the last known photos of the famed Argentinian drivers, José Froilán González and Juan Fangio together is of them in this very car (originally owned by Gonzalez) at the final Argentina Grand Prix (1998).

The González 1953 225 Sport Spider you see here in its resplendent and obligatory rosso corsa glory is a factory-modified version (to accommodate the “Pampas Bull” physique ) that was recently captured in an impromptu shoot at a Cars & Coffee event. It is one of only fourteen spiders bodied by Vignale to a Giovanni Michelotti design .

Evolving from the prior 212 Export the 225s launched the famed 3 liter Columbo V12. With its significant power increase (210hp courtesy of its 8.5:1 compresion, SOHC valvetrain three Weber 36DCF carbs) the 225s were campaigned in many races including 1952 Monaco Grand Prix for sports cars (where it scored its first victory), Portuguese Grand Prix, Coppa d'Oro di Sicilia, Coppa della Toscana, and Coppa d'Oro delle Dolomiti.

After 1953, the Ferrari 225 S was race on various race tracks with many accomplishments in the US, Argentina, Brazil, Portugal and Italy through 1959.

The venerable Columbo V12 was mated with two different chassis types; a tubular spaceframe created of an elliptical-section steel tubes, and a tubular semi-monocoque called "Tuboscocca"—both of which retained the prior 2250mm/88.6” wheelbase and were designed and crafted by Gilberto Colombo's Gilco chassis specialist company.

The graceful body sports the signature Vignale triplet of oval ports on the front quarterpanels and an aggressive ‘egg crate’ grille. The custom-made body flows beautifully from its face to the cowl and the subsequent, very purposeful interior, beautifully swathed in fine Italian saddle-toned leather.

Driven to a local Cars & Coffee event (site of the very first such event in 2001) the morning light and setting provided for fortunate situation for a candid shoot of this most remarkable and historically significant stallion from the Ferrari stables.

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Comments (12)

  • Now THAT’S a proper sports car!

      1 year ago
  • One of my all-time fave classic sports cars. All the more appreciated because you so rarely see it in anything that hasn't been reprocessed L of an old magazine. Thanks

      1 year ago
  • Beautiful work Royce! You sure know how to bring out the best in a car.

      1 year ago
    • Many thanks Ben! Such a car and setting brings out the best opportunities and I"m fortunate in such and also in contributing to DriveTribe. Many thanks to you and the DriveTribe community!

        1 year ago
  • This a definite instance where the adage “they don’t make em like they used too” is more than just words! What a beautiful machine!

      1 year ago
  • 😍

      1 year ago